Hakuba Web Cams

Here is our selection of the best web cams in Hakuba for checking snow conditions. To see the roads in and around Hakuba, see our road cams page. The local government operates these cams, so we can’t do anything if they stop updating or go down.

First up, this web cam is from Nodaira, a farming community in eastern Hakuba with a great view of the Japan Alps. The ski slopes get much more snow than the foreground, so don’t pay too much attention to how deep the snow is here. Likewise, do not worry about the snow depth at the official weather station in Hakuba. It snows much more at the resorts. The thing to focus on here is how clear it is and the slopes in the background.

Hakuba web cams: Nodaira. Live camera
Great views on this cam when it is clear

The largest ski resort in the Area is Happo One, and here is the view from the top of their gondola, at about 1500m. Like all of Hakuba’s gondola lifts, Happo’s “Adam” can be wind-affected, and it can be wise to check this link for lift operation throughout the valley before heading there.

Hakuba web cams: Happo One. Live camera
Happo has great views over town.

Next up is Route 4, home of the terrain park at Hakuba 47 Snow Resort. This area has snowmaking and will sometimes be the first part of 47 to open. Use this camera to see how things are coming along at the start of the season. Since 47 faces north east, it is also the last resort in the valley to provide top to bottom skiing. It will often have snow to the base even when the resort closes in May.

Hakuba web cams: Hakuba 47. Live camera
Once common, Hakuba has few surviving half pipes. This is 47’s in the foreground

This pretty view down to Lake Aokiko is from the course at Sanosaka Ski Resort. In keeping with the weather, it can be sunny in this image and foggy or snowing in the other Hakuba web cams above. Bump skiing aside, Sanosaka may not have black runs for the advanced skier or boarder, but is good for families and anyone wanting a cruisy day. Sanosaka can also provide respite from crowds or the wind.

Hakuba web cams: Sanosaka. Live camera
A lot of the time, this will be “empty slope cam”

Links to other web cams

Here are some more great Hakuba web cams. They are not secure https images and will not update if we embed them, so I’ve included them as links. They will open in a new browser tab.

Hakuba Highland Hotel/Tenjin no Yu onsen. Hi-res image!

Tsugaike Top Gondola Station. Check for fresh snow!

Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort Base

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