S-Class Example (Five-Seater Compact)

UPDATE FOR 2022/23

Our business has had a two year break due to Covid. This means all of the cars we used have changed, and we don’t photos of them set up for winter just yet. The information below is all accurate for the 2022/23 season.

Here is an actual S-class vehicle we have to rent. This particular car is a Honda Spike. It is a four-wheel-drive In winter, it will have snow tyres, snow wipers, a drive recorder, and a lockable ski rack. The daily (24-hour) rate is just 9,000 yen including insurance and all taxes.

Small, but perfectly formed

The 4wd and snow tyres mean enough power and grip to get up any road that has been ploughed. This car is tall and has a lot of headroom. Honda sell a version of this car with a third row of seats, called the “Freed”, but this one is just a five seater with a large luggage space. It seats five, and unlike a Japanese “kei” microcar, has five seatbelts. In winter mode though, we’d recommend groups of five adults hire our SUV.

It’s four door, so everyone can get in and out easily, even in ski car parks where they squeeze the cars in. If you are unsure about driving in a foreign country, a compact car like this can give you confidence. Our first long-term rental of this was a pro skier and his photographer. With the rear seats folded down, they had plenty of space for their gear. According to Wikipedia, seats down gives you 630 liters in the back!

Rental car with English sat nav in Hakuba

Like all our cars, there is a sat-nav that will take English input. The sat-nav will display where you are and get you where you are going if you don’t have a SIM or data plan in Japan. The easiest way to input a destination is using the phone number.

To make a booking request, click here.

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