FL Class (Eight-Seater Premium Van)

Here is an actual example of an FL class vehicle we have to rent. This rental van is a Toyota Alphard MPV van. Like all our cars, it comes with 4wd, snow tyres, snow wipers, a drive recorder, and a lockable ski rack. The daily (24-hour) rate is 22,000 yen including insurance and all taxes.

Hakuba van rental - Toyota Alphard
The Alphard is most luxurious people carrier produced by Japanese car makers

The Alphard is Toyota’s top-range people carrier that seats eight in genuine comfort. Wikipedia says that “The Alphard is marketed as a luxury car for chauffeur business“. It’s hard to convey on a website, but the ride quality is noticeably better than cheaper vans like Toyota’s Voxy, Nissan’s Serena, or the Honda Step Wagon. This can help if any of your party is prone to car sickness. It has plenty of power for its size, and is a great choice for taking a family or group on an extended journey.

Hakuba van rental - Toyota Alphard
The large rear doors are powered. This car is great to ride as a passenger

This rental van has eight seats in a 2-3-3 configuration. The sliding doors are big for easy access to the rear rows of seats, and are powered. Non-powered sliding doors of this size can be heavy to open, and may close with dangerous force if you park on a hill. The car is very big inside and has plenty of room for eight tall adults.

Hakuba van rental - Toyota Alphard
Full height and lots of room, even on the third row

The rear seat is split in a 5:5 arrangement and can be folded up against the sides to create more luggage space. Though not shown here, skis with standard bindings should slide in below the rear row of seats. As with our other cars, the ski racks on top will take four sets of skis or snowboards. With one seat folded up, this car will still take six passengers, with space for boards and lots of gear inside.

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