Around Hakuba

Here you’ll find web cams for weather and road conditions, advice about driving, and examples of days out. Let us show you the best places to go in your car

Hakuba Views
Hakuba is at the foot of the mountains, so you can see them from all over town. However, you’ll often
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Hakuba Web Cams
Here is our selection of the best web cams in Hakuba for checking snow conditions. To see the roads in
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Hakuba Road Cams
Here are some road cams for locations near Hakuba. They are useful in winter because you can see where it
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More reasons to rent
Here are more reasons to rent a car. Unlike our first post, which focuses on what people tell us, this
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Why rent a car?
On this website and blog, we plan to tell you more about our vehicles and about the Hakuba region. In
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