G-Class Example (Five-Seater SUV)

Here is an actual example of a G-class rental SUV we have. This particular car is a Subaru Forester SUV. Like all our cars, it comes with 4wd, snow tyres, snow wipers, a drive recorder, and a lockable ski rack. The daily (24-hour) rate is 13,000 yen including insurance and all taxes. To make a booking request, click here.

Rental SUV by Freedom Car Rental Hakuba
Our Subaru Forester. It’s a popular car, so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

It has five seats. It has Subaru’s all-time 4wd system and as an SUV, it is perfect for winter roads. It also has great ground clearance for getting out of snowy car parks.

In 2022/2023, the cars we plan to use as our SUVs are Subaru Foresters and Subaru Outbacks. We have used other cars in the past, but Subarus have proved the most popular and reliable.

Rental SUV by Freedom Car Rental Hakuba
Plenty of room for five

The rear seat is split in a 6:4 arrangement. When renting this SUV for less than five passengers, one or both sides can be folded down for more luggage space.

AWD for hire
Folding both seats down creates a huge space. Customers are free to carry skis and boards inside the vehicle. It protects your gear and is easier than using the racks.

To make a booking request, click here.

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