FS-Class Example (Seven-Seater Van)

Here is an actual example of an FS-class rental van we have. This particular car is a Toyota Isis MPV. Like all our cars, it comes with 4wd, snow tyres, snow wipers, a drive recorder, and a lockable ski rack. The daily (24-hour) rate is 18,000 yen including insurance and all taxes. To make a booking request, click here.

Rental minivan in Hakuba
One of our actual cars. All our cars are in very good condition.

An example of Japanese car makers’ proliferation of model types, the Isis lies somewhere between a large station wagon and compact people carrier. It’s about as long and wide as a compact minivan, like the Nissan Serena, but is not as high. The lower center of gravity means less roll and better handling. It has seven-seats in three rows in a 2-3-2 configuration. The rear doors on this car slide to allow good access to the two rear rows of seats. Sliding doors are much easier to use in ski car parks where attendants try to pack the cars as close together as possible. The name “Isis” draws lots of comments, and has led to some bizarre claims being made of Toyota.

Rental minivan in Hakuba
The sliding door on this particular car is electric. There is no pillar between the front and rear doors , which helps if you want to insert skis from the front.

When renting the car for less than seven passengers, one or both of the rear seats can be folded down for more luggage space. Putting the rear seats up and down is especially easy with this model. Carrying skis and snowboards inside the car is faster than using the ski racks. If this minivan looks too small, consider renting our eight-seater people carrier for more space and comfort.

Rental minivan in Hakuba
One seat folded down, leaving six seats and luggage space for skis and gear.

To make a booking request, click here.

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